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Desk Lamp Overview

Search Window

Search Field

Search Field Searching in Desk Lamp starts with the search field, start searching by typing here. Special shortcuts allow you to quickly select files based on specific attributes or use the default search terms for quick results.

Search Field Menu The Search Field Menu provides quick access to shortcut, previous searches and web search engine results for your current search.

List View

List View Shows the files in a flat list format with the Display Name, Rating, Project, Date and Kind. From this view you can Rate files from 1-5 stars by clicking directly on the 'Rating' column, files may also be assigned to Projects; double click to enter a new project name or pick an exiting project from the pop-down list.

The list can be sorted by using the column headers.

Files or groups of files can be dragged from the list to any application in the dock or finder window to open or relocate them.

Columns View

Browser View The Browser View lists common attribute types in the first column, when one is selected you will see grouped values in the second column, when a value is selected you will see a list of items in the third column.

When the creation or modification Date is selected the values are broken down into the following groups: Today, This Week, This Month, This Year, Historic

Groups View

Outline View The Groups View allows you to see your files grouped by common attributes. Groups are presented in an outline view, opening up a particular attribute expands groups where individual files are listed

Search Info

Info Panel The Info panel shows detailed information for the selected file or files. The file Icon is displayed on a button in the top-left corner of the panel, clicking on this button opens the file. The the display name, file type and path are presented. Remaining File attributes are displayed in a table which fills the rest of the panel, this table can show either the display attributes or all the available attributes for a single file, when multiple files are selected the default set of attributes is displayed. You can adjust the attribute display preferences from the Preferences Window.

Search Services

Info Panel Next to each attribute is a small button depecting the attribute type, clicking on this button brings up a menu of services specific to the particular attribute.

About Box

About Box The about box shows the version of Desk Lamp, the copyright statement and the name of the license holder if it has been purchased.




Service The Desk Lamp Search Service allows you to select text in any cocoa application and immediately create a Desk Lamp Search with that text.